Chiara Ferragni Nipple Slip Oops Photos

Chiara Ferragni nude

When your tit peeks out of a cleavage, just smile, fix the dress and hope no one saw it, but Chiara Ferragni was not so lucky recently, when paparazzi made a few nice close- ups, so now we get to stare at it and smile with delight. It is not so much about tits, themselves, it feels like a little win to see what was meant to be hidden, right?

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Chiara Ferragni Caught Flashing Her Lacy Panties

Chiara Ferragni Upskirt

Italian businesswoman Chiara Ferragni is known for her impeccable sense of style and smoking hot body. The 30 year old blond trendsetter recently flashed her pussy for reporters. She was wearing a short metallic skirt that allowed paparazzi to get a perfect shot of her sexy lace panties. She tried crossing her long smooth legs to prevent the exposure of her crotch, but luckily her efforts were in vain.

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